Monday, January 16, 2012

Where Have I Been?

Hi guys,

so I'm sorry that I've been absent for the past week or so, but I had a huge workload (that is now finished) and I've been thinking up new ideas for my blog (which I will start to introduce shortly). Mainly they are mostly sub-sections that I think there are enough of to deserve their own section. I don't know how often these sections will be used. I'm thinking of having them as specials, so they won't be replacing a review or interrupting the book-movie-book-movie flow. Maybe one a month I might add into that section (there will be more than one sub-section), so at the moment that would be 10 extra reviews a month (that's how many new sub-sections I'm introducing). So, it may just be that once a month I'll have an allocated day or week where I add to one particular section and that would happen 10 times a month. Or, maybe I should do 5 a month and alternate between 2 sets. So, any section I haven't added to in one month gets added to in the next, and so on.

Anyway, my next review is coming soon and I'm not going to give it away (because what's the fun in knowing, right?), but I will give you a small (very vague) clue. It is a series of 5 (though you could easily argue 6) books. Very well known (at least with the people I know) and has been out for a while. There you go, that's your clue. Feel free to guess, though I won't let you know either way.

Look forward to the knew additions that will be appearing shortly.