Sunday, September 14, 2014

Twenty Questions (Round 3)

Well, I enjoyed doing round one and two of this so much that I decided to do the third round. If you want to see the first twenty, you can find it here. And you can find the second twenty here.

Just like the last rounds, these questions came from 101 Books. You can find the original questions here.

Well, let's just get into then, shall we?

  1. What’s the worst non-fiction book you’ve ever read? I like to read a lot of useless trivia books. I can't recall the name of this particular one, but it clearly hadn't don't its research, because practically every "fact" was wrong.
  2. Least favorite genre of fiction? "Costume dramas" (think Downton Abbey, etc), Paranormal Romance, Adult Horror
  3. What’s your favorite punctuation? " "
  4. What character from fiction do you most identify with? Oh that's a really hard one. Matilda from "Matilda" and Shizuku from "Whisper of the Heart".
  5. More attractive: Yoda or Gollum? Gonna have to go with the green dude.
  6. Excited about the new Star Wars films…yes or no? No. I have a terrible feeling they're gonna end up like the fourth Indiana Jones. 
  7. Is it okay to use a coupon on a first date? No.
  8. Clipping fingernails/toenails in public places…poor etiquette? Very much yes. Why would you even do that?
  9. Your dream job? No idea. Whatever makes me happy. 
  10. What’s the fewest amount of pages you’ve read before quitting a book? I've never not finished a book. I always push through even if I don't like it or find it boring. I just can't not finish.
  11. Fastest you’ve ever driven a car? Not entirely sure.
  12. What is your hobbit name (find it here at the hobbit name generator)? Belladonna Bulge of Hobbiton.  I suppose it has a certain classy flair.
  13. Food/drink you dislike that most people like? Onions. 
  14. Most amount of physical pain you’ve ever experienced? My gallbladder attacked me. That was pretty bad.
  15. Who inspired you to become a reader? I think I answered this question in my last twenty.
  16. What’s the last movie you watched in a theatre? Honestly it's been so long I don't remember. It might have been Pain and Gain.
  17. More terrible way to die? Cruise ship wreck or plane crash? Depends on the impact. Cruise ship wreck would most likely result in drowning- which would be pretty bad, but a plane crash could leave you deserted somewhere with (most likely) some pretty serious injuries. Have you ever read Alive? That true story about survivors of a plane crash who were left stranded in the Andes. One guy hiked all the way down to find help. Some cannibalism happened. Yeah, that would be pretty bad.
  18. French fries or chocolate? Depends on my mood.
  19. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Night owl. Let's put it this way. I'm usually just shutting off as the morning people start up.
  20. How did you find 101 Books? Google. I was looking for interesting content ideas, and came across the twenty questions.

Well, there we go. The third and final instalment to the twenty questions series (is it really a series?). I hope you all enjoyed them, and had a fun time answering the questions yourselves. Until next time!

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