Sunday, August 24, 2014

Twenty Questions (Round 2)

Well, I enjoyed doing round one of this so much that I decided to do a second round. If you want to see the first twenty, you can find it here.

Just like the last round, these questions came from 101 Books. You can find the original questions here.

Well, let's just get into then, shall we?

  1. Will Dicaprio’s performance as Gatsby be better than Redford’s? He's Leonardo DiCaprio. Of course it will be.
  2. Narnia or Middle Earth? Oh, this is a hard one. I think I'd have to go with Middle Earth though. Narnia seems like it would get bland pretty quickly.
  3. Hemingway or Joyce? Hemingway
  4. Favorite font? Well that really depends on what I'm using it for. For example, this blog is written with Georgia, but here's another font I like: IM Fell DW Pica- Look at this fancy font. Bubbles. Cheese on toast. Onomatopoeia.  
  5. What’s your ideal book length for reading? 200-250 pages (But I'm not picky).
  6. You have to go a year without a book (all forms) or a week without food. Which one do you choose and why? I'd go a week without food. Difficult, but manageable. It's only a week. I can't do a whole YEAR without reading! That's just crazy talk.
  7. Best concert you’ve ever been to? Hmmm, I'm not a huge concert fan. I'm pretty short, so I tend to get the short end of the stick (no pun intended) in a crowd. 
  8. Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars. 
  9. Best compliment you ever received from a teacher/professor? "Are you thinking about going into writing?"
  10. What’s your one piece of writing advice? (don’t be shy!) Find your style. Don't try to write like someone else, because that's going to get you nowhere. Find your groove, and rock it.
  11. Mountain reading or beach reading? Well, beach reading is more likely to happen in my life. But then you have the sun in your eyes, sand everywhere, the book can get wet, etc. Reading inside next to a fire, while snow falls outside your window and you have a hot drink next to you just sounds fantastic, doesn't it?
  12. What’s one novel you think is awesome that everyone else thinks is bad? Oh no. I could give you an example of books I didn't like that everyone else did, but the other way around? This is a hard one because it's so subjective. Okay, so I looked up so many books for this question, trying to find one that was not only hated, by poorly rated as well. And this is my answer: Labyrinth by Kate Mosse. Apparently that didn't do too hot. 
  13. Conversely, what’s one novel you think is bad that everyone else thinks is awesome? The Loop by Nicholas Evans. One of the most boring books I've ever read. It has 4 stars on Goodreads. Four!
  14. Amazon: Good or bad? Mostly good. (This is 101 Books answer, but I have nothing to add).
  15. Most famous author you’ve ever met? I've met Eoin Colfer. And yes I have his autograph. It was pretty awesome.
  16. What percentage of books on your bookshelf have you actually read (estimate)? A pitiful amount. 50% or less maybe? The problem is for every book I read, I buy at least five more. Curse you charity shops and your affordable literature!
  17. Favorite reading beverage? Don't really have one. If the book mentions a particular drink in nice detail, I might crave it, but otherwise just whatever I'm already drinking. 
  18. A hypothetical: Print and digital books are no more and audio books are the only form of literature remaining. One catch: All the audio books are read by Gilbert Gottfried (who has indeed recorded an audio version of 50 Shades of Grey). Are you done with literature? Sorry Gilbert, but probably yes. Maybe every so often I would forget how terrible it sounds and try another, only to be unpleasantly reminded. For me, narrators of audiobooks are a big part of whether or not I'll enjoy it. I'm extraordinarily picky when it comes to narrators, which is generally why I prefer to just read the book myself.
  19. One novel every teenager must read? Alice in Wonderland. You're never too old to imagine. 
  20. Who inspired you to become an avid reader? I'm not sure. I think I was just in an environment with lots of readers. I have a large family, and many of them are avid readers. Probably my parents though. They bought my sister and me the Biff and Chip books (The Magic Key series, that's what they were) and it was through those that I learnt to read. I suppose the passion for reading would've come from me.

And there you have it. Another 20 questions delving into my psyche, or something. I hope you enjoyed this quick-ish post. Next week should be a review, now that another assessment is out of the way. See you all then, cheerio!

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