Friday, August 15, 2014

Prudence and the Crow (August 2014)

Well it's that time of the month again, and a lovely brown package awaited me as I descended the stairs.

If you'd like a little more information about Prudence and the Crow, you can check out my first review (where I go into a little more detail) or their website. You can find out more details, such as prices, etc, from either of those sources, but for now, let's get into Prudence and the Crow, mark August 2014.

I won't be showing all the packaging details anymore, and if you want to see photos of how the box comes packaged, etc, you can look up my previous review via the link above. I'll be starting this review after opening my box.

Well, mostly. But I have to stop and share the amazing stamps that were on the outside of my box. I believe the bottom two are (on the right) Alice in Wonderland, and (on the left) The Wizard of Oz. 

When I came down the stairs on Thursday (the 14th) I did not expect to find my box awaiting an audience with me. The boxes only ship out on the 13th, so my postman must have seriously put on his skates!

This was what I saw upon opening my box. Let's just go through it one thing at a time, eh?

First up: let's go through the sundries.

Top left we have the personalised library card that comes with every box. Top right some Prudence and the Crow movie tickets that come with many boxes, and on the bottom we have the tasty treats I got this month. Again treats come with every box, but exactly what you get changes.

Next up, something new and amazing- a Summer Mix Tape with 16 songs covering a wide variety of genres.


My favourite songs from the bunch were these:

"Is This Love" by Aiden Grimshaw

"It Doesn't Matter Anymore" by Buddy Holly

and "Teignmouth" by Patrick Wolf

Thanks Prudence and Crow for introducing me to some awesome new music. Anyway, on with the show. Time for the piece de resistance- the book itself. This month it came with a lovely "picnic feeling" cover.

The material is fantastic. Soft and smooth, and so very fitting for the book itself:


Well, I'm very excited to read about some fabulous jaunts along the Thames, a la "Wind in the Willows" ambience. The perfect accompaniment to the British Summer. I'll have to find a lovely willow tree to sit beneath as I read this. 

So that's the lot. I'm very happy with my box (as always) and can't wait for the next. I love the mystery. Never knowing what I'm going to get. Is it September yet?

I'll leave you all with this quote from my box (courtesy of The Wizard of Oz):

Words to live by, I think. 

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