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The Apocalypse Has Landed, Who Can Save Our Souls?

First Paragraph:

"She wasn't exactly sure what drew her back to the spot day after day. Apprehension? Anticipation? Reality check? As Cameron rounded the corner of the dimly lit hallway and saw the door, she felt a small tug of disappointment that it was still closed. Of course it was closed. The only time it had ever been opened was the day they entered the underground bunker. It was one of her earliest memories."

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Twisted Souls is the second book in the Twisted Souls Trilogy by Cege Smith. There will be spoilers of the first book in this review, but if you're interested you can check out my review of the Soul Garden (first book) on my blog here:
If you haven't read it I strongly urge you to. It's a great book, hence why I'm continuing the series.

Last warning spoilers of the first book start now. Twisted Souls takes place 9 months after the ending of the Soul Garden. Our small group of protagonists (comprising of Malcolm, Samuel, Bishop and Cameron) have been living in an underground bunker, whilst Chim (and a mind-controlled Marius) reap the world of its souls. In the previous book it was mentioned that certain crimes result in soul extraction as a punishment, but that there are extensive rules to make sure it's done safely. In this book, when Chim orders Marius to take a soul, it is ripped out forcibly from the person, leaving them a flesh-hungry zombie.

As with the last book, the story is told through more than one person's point of view. The three in this book being Cameron, Samuel and Marius.

At the end of the Soul Garden Cameron was just 6 months old, but it seems that with the soul she received, she ages rapidly and is now 18 years old. She has never been outside the 10 room bunker and learns everything from Samuel- who is training her to be the Champion. Her mind ages as well, so it's not a case of a 1 year old mind in and 18 year old body. I can only assume she aged so quickly, because the Champion is needed as soon as possible and actually waiting 18 years wouldn't have been very efficient.

Meanwhile, Marius is in and out of consciousness as the souls inside him threaten to tear both his body and mind apart. He is desperately seeking release, but is forced by Chim to gather more and more souls, adding to his pain even more.

With his own magic and Marius to fight with, Chim has completely taken over, leaving hordes of zombies in his wake. After Before, all guns were destroyed, so any survivors are forced to improvise to stay alive.

There is also a little romance added in, which is hardly surprising. Nothing like an apocalypse to bring people together.

Filled with suspense, I'm on tenterhooks waiting for the final book. Twisted Souls sets up the characters for the inevitable showdown that will eventually take place. Fighting for the side of Light, we have Cameron (whose never even seen the sky), Samuel (the new Head Master), Malcolm (the protective father grieving for his wife) and Bishop (the gardener). An unusual team, but the only hope humanity has.

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