Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kindle Kiosk

Part of a new series I'm starting, Kindle Kiosk will be posts about kindle books I've recently picked up from amazon. Most (if not all) of them will be free (at least when I bought them), and I want to share the deals with all of you. Any books that aren't free will have their prices beneath their image. If you don't see a price, there isn't one. It's free!

If you're interested in free e-books, watch these posts. The Kindle Kiosk may not be too regular an occurrence, but it'll bring freebies along with it.

For the first instalment, let's see what's in the grab bag today.


   The Narrative of Arthur Gordon                                                       A Twist In Time
             Pym of Nantucket                                            


Atlantic Island 1- The Event                            Christmas in Venice:                                                                                  A Short Story


    Elusive (On The Run Book #1)                                                The Time Machine
                 My review here: Elusive                                                       


                    Officer Jones                                                                 The Long Midnight Of
                                                                                                                                          Barney Thomson: A Serial 
                                                                                                                              Killer Thriller (Barney Thomson #1)

       The Soul Garden (Twisted                                                     Let it Snow! Season's                                Souls #1)                                                           Readings for a Super-Cool 
                                                                                             Yule! (Christmas story book 2012)

My review here: The Soul Garden                                       My review here: Let it Snow

If you want to check out other Kindle titles I'll put the links below, click on them to go to the Kindle books page:


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