Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I'm Back

Hello everyone. I am so very sorry for how terrible I have been with this blog over the past few months. There are many reasons (I had a serious illness, then surgery; moved continent, then moved twice more; started a degree course), but in the end I am going to try my best to come back.

I have really missed doing my reviews during this 'sabbatical', and I'm currently trying to schedule it around my work. So there will be changes. Rather than doing two or three reviews a week (like I was before), I'll only be posting one review a week. I simply do not have to time to post any more frequently than that- at least not for the time being. There may also be a week here and there where I don't post anything, and that will most likely be due to an exam or assessment of some kind that I need to devote my full attention to.

I hope you can all understand my absence and why I've made the changed I have. That being said, there's a review coming your way tomorrow. It's a little different in terms of the books I've reviewed before, but I certainly had a lot of fun reviewing it.

That's all for now guys. Look forward to more reviews coming soon. Cheerio!

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