Good morning/ afternoon/ evening/ other everyone. My name is Georgia. I'm a proud bibliophile with a severe book addiction. Doesn't matter the genre, the length or the popularity, I will willingly read almost anything I can get my hands on, though mostly fiction. Any fiction, graphic novels, manga, etc.  Be it young adult, horror, thriller, romance, comedy, slice of life, whatever.

I started this blog as a means of providing creative release. I had recently finished University and found myself at a bit of a creative loose end. Since my reading addiction wasn't going away anytime soon, I decided to scratch the itch with this blog. A means to express myself and do what I love- reading and writing.

I also started it to help my fellow bookies find reading material they can enjoy. I make sure to write thorough reviews, give the pros and cons, but keep my general opinion out until the end. There are never any spoilers. What I aim to do is provide enough information to help someone decide whether they want to read a book before they purchase/rent/borrow/steal (no!) it.


I post regularly and listen to suggestions. If you're an author who might be interested in me reviewing your book, first- check I haven't already done so, second- just ask. You can contact me here or through any of my contact sites in the tab above. The best way to contact me is through my email at needtoreadgottowatch@me.com.

There are a few ground rules. I don't do sponsored reviews. Ever. I will happily receive a book for gratis, but I will always make it known that it was in the review. Nothing you do or say will affect my review. I always write honest reviews, and as I've already said, try to give the pros and cons- letting the readers themselves have the final decision.

Also know that I do not review erotica. Never. One: it's not really my cup of tea, and two: my mother reads this blog and writing a review about what is essentially porn, knowing she's going to read it, is not something I'm comfortable with. 


  1. You seem to have a very diverse collection of books. How do you choose them?

    1. Hi there Adam.

      Haha, I enjoy reading pretty much every genre, which leaves me flitting between them. I tend to pick up any book that grabs me, regardless of what kind of fiction it is. As a result, I end up with a variety. Well 'variety is the spice of life' and all that.

      I just browse, anywhere, libraries, bookstores, the internet. If I've received a book from an author or publishing company, it's most likely come from a giveaway- either on librarything or goodreads. They're both such great programs, and I always make sure to review what I win, because a lot of the authors that post on there are indie, new or self-published.

      But mostly? If it's fiction, I'll read it. I do enjoy some nonfiction, but I'm a little more picky there.