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I post regularly and listen to suggestions. If you're an author who might be interested in me reviewing your book, first- check I haven't already done so, second- just ask. You can contact me here or through any of my contact sites in the tab above. The best way to contact me is through my email at

There are a few ground rules. I don't do sponsored reviews. Ever. I will happily receive a book for gratis, but I will always make it known that it was in the review. Nothing you do or say will affect my review. I always write honest reviews, and as I've already said, try to give the pros and cons- letting the readers themselves have the final decision.

Also know that I do not review erotica. Never. One: it's not really my cup of tea, and two: my mother reads this blog and writing a review about what is essentially porn, knowing she's going to read it, is not something I'm comfortable with.


  1. I write historical fiction, mostly set in Ireland and I would be so grateful if you would review my first novel, The Sun Palace which is set in 6th century Ireland. You can find excerpts of my book on my blog or
    Brighid O'Sullivan

    1. Hi Brighid,

      If you would like to contact me with a request, please use my email address above.

      Have a nice day!