Saturday, December 21, 2013

Day 21- Rockin' Around the....

Hello and welcome to Day 21 of Advent Countdown. It's close now, isn't it? Anyway, today I have some Christmassy photos. This countdown needed the Christmas tree somewhere in it, and I decided what better way to do it than to show you my very own Chrimble tree? So here it is:

And here we have the micro Christmas tree for my room. It's become a tradition carried through the years from my childhood, that my sister and I get mini trees in our rooms. Now that I'm older, I continue it still. It's nice to always have some pine-scented goodness around you. 

I hope you all enjoyed this brief look into my Christmas life. Thank you for joining me for Day 21 of Advent Countdown. See you all tomorrow for Day 22. 

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