Thursday, December 26, 2013

Prepare For Post-Spamming (UPDATE)

Hello everyone. I hope you all enjoyed your Christmases, or your Wednesdays, or other. This is just a very quick post to give you all a heads up. During the month of December I created an event called Advent Countdown- where I created a virtual advent calendar with a post for each day on it. I kept these posts hidden for the purposes of the event, but they'll be appearing on this blog starting today. The only way I could keep each post hidden, was to trick it into believing it had already been published at a far earlier date. I'm going back and correcting all the dates, which means they'll show up at the top of my blog posts. 

That's pretty much it. Now that the event is over, and the holidays are calming down a little (well, there's still New Year's), I'll be getting back into my regular posting schedule for reviews. What with one thing and another, I just literally have not had the time, but I'm happy to say that that won't be true for long. I have a book haul coming your way soon, so look out for that if you're interested. 

Well that's all I wanted to say. Happy Boxing Day to those who celebrate it. Have a wonderful Thursday to those who don't. See you all soon.

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