Sunday, December 8, 2013

Day 8- Season's Greetings

Hello and welcome to Day 8 of Advent Countdown. Today I'll be monologuing about Christmas cards. 

It crossed my mind the other day, that Christmas cards seem to be a lot less frequent nowadays. Or maybe I just receive less of them. When I was younger, I used to send out cards to my family and friends, with silly little seasonal doodles inside, to spread the Christmas cheer. At school, friends would hand out cards to one another, and you'd go home with a larger than life stack of the things.

Perhaps Christmas cards have become too old-fashioned, and gone the way of the handwritten letter. What with the internet at our disposal, it's much more convenient and cost-effective to wish seasonal greetings through abbreviated messages, or to send an e-card. Not quite the same thing, but it's the thought that counts I suppose. 

Maybe I'm just not adapting to the times quick enough. Perhaps the Christmas card has evolved into the Christmas text, or tweet or e-card. Surely the warm wishes are all you need, no matter what form they come in?

Well, I know some who still prefer the more personal approach, especially those of previous generations- who either aren't as reliant on technology or don't own it. Take my grandmother for example. Every year I get a card from her- which doubles as an advent calendar. A perfect two in one.  And you know what? It makes me really happy. Such a small thing has become a tradition, and a source of happy memories, and it saddens me greatly to know that one year the cards will stop. I honestly can't say that about any Christmas text or e-card I've received through the years. Maybe I should start writing them again?

I'd love to hear your take on this. It's always interesting to hear another person's point of view- especially when it comes to traditions. What's your preference? Or would you rather not receive any at all?

Thanks for joining me for Day 8 of Advent Countdown. See you tomorrow for Day 9.

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